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In an idea that the lord first lay on my heart as Adopt –A- Street in 1996, two years after I came to live in the UK, Love Your Street (LYS); is a mass campaign network aimed at motivating Christians to engage and directly take responsibility of our immediate local community where we live, work, school and areas we can easily see as our daily sphere of influence.

‘Your street” must be close enough to reach and your interest (love) must be strong enough to get you mobilized to positively impact on it first by prayer and then good works and deeds that seek to promote the wellbeing of the street and the people on it, regardless of their faith, age, gender, race or culture.

I want to salute the work that has been done in this regard by Lawrence Singlehurst, who have become a very good friend. I credit your passion for souls and your genuine interest for Christian Unity. LYS is encouraged by the partnership we share with Paul Blakey of CNI and Rebekah Breetle and the Niegbourhood Watch.

Together, our desire is that one day, very soon, all the street of England will be mapped out and covered with visible Christian influence. I am delighted to welcome you to join the network of Street Lovers.

Tunde Balogun


Love your street is a secret army of Christian and most especially regular people with a mission of positively impacting on the entire geographical landscape of the United Kingdom. With as little as a personal responsibility for a street where you live, work or pass through regularly, we would create a canopy of prayer and social responsibility for the entire boundary of our beloved nation.

Can you imagine what would happen if on every street in England there was one Christian who is committed to loving people on that street unconditionally? Secondly, to have their spiritual welfare at heart, regardless of whether they ever respond to any Christian ideas.

Thirdly, to build a community, that serves the street by whatever creative means available.

Love Your Street is an initiative designed to cover all our streets in prayer, starting from London and beyond. It is to be anchored by churches and already existing local expression of Christians.

This is important because we believe in the power of prayer and its ability to positively impact our community and everything that makes up our community.

Our collective effort means that our community is covered in clouds of prayer regularly and consistently.

Why do this?

Our post modern world, has made us neglect the known virtue that have always been the contributing factor for building an authentic community of people with genuine reality of expression. The principles of Sacrificial Love (John3: 16) and Unconditional love (2Corinthians 5:16) are gradually fading ingredient for service, deadening how much we give of our selves to others like Jesus, even if it cost us.

Through Love Your Street (LYS), our prayer commitment for our adopted street will not only give God the opportunity to restore our broken society, the Godly sense of spirituality will develop as well as increase genuine “love thy neighbor” types of relationships, friendship and neighborliness. These will ultimately build stronger communities and a nation we all are proud of. The beauty of this initiative is that, we are not helplessly waiting and depending on our leaders to bring about better days, there is a collective responsibility to take our destiny into our hands and do something that matters.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if each street of our community had someone who was committed to praying for it and making it a better place? As individuals, families, small groups, churches and Christians across villages, towns and cities we can make that a reality by adopting a street each to look after! It’s a great way to start getting involved in your community and understanding its positive and negative aspects.

Anyone can put this into practice and you don’t need any resources to make it happen!

Join the network of Street Lovers. It is as simple as that, but it matters to all of us.

  • Pick a street you will commit to adopting. It could be where you live, where your small group meets, or a road you walk down regularly on your way to work, school, or the shops.
  • Pray for your street. You could do this every time you walk down it or set aside a specific time each week or month. Furthermore, thank God for the good things that you see there. Pray about the bad things, asking him to bring change. Ask God what you can be doing to make a difference in that street.
  • Take action. As God leads you start to do things to bless that street and make it a better place. It could be as simple as picking up litter as you walk down it, or perhaps you will see a greater need in that area such as meeting someone who is homeless and in need of some food.
  • Make friends! Greet people as you walk, start conversations, ask them about their needs and talk to God about their needs. If you ever have the opportunity, share God with them. Purposefully and prayerfully look to start relationships with people who live or work on your chosen street. Start with one person or family and commit to praying for them and blessing them in any way you can.

This idea will be best driven by individuals but could be adopted around villages, towns and cities with someone co-ordinating which streets have been adopted so each one is covered. It would be fantastic to have regular prayer backing up the initiative, praying for situations arising in streets and keeping each Christian covered in prayer as they seek to bring God’s kingdom to their street.

Coordinating Effort and How to Sign-up for Love Your Street: We Start With London Streets.
  • Decide which street(s) you want to pray for. You can choose the street you live on, the street your child (ren)’s school is on, or any street that you feel a burden to pray for.
  • Share this idea with your church, cell group, house fellowship leader and Christian friends; and do ask for their support in this enterprise.
  • Enter that street address at the top of the ‘Prayer Map’ on the home page map or use the zoom-in/zoom-out features to find the street. You may also navigate to the ‘Find A Street’ page and use the advanced filter list to find a street to adopt/Love.
  • Click on the desired street and then click on the ‘Adopt Street’ button. Enter the following information into the page or pop-up window: name, email, and local church that you are a part of
  • We are hoping people will commit to pray for their specific street until December 31, 2012 but you can always choose to pray for a shorter or longer span of time.
  • Let us know how it’s going! Send an email with updates, insights, prayer requests, and praise reports.

Need Some Ideas?

Jane in Australia loves crafts. She dropped a note to the people in her street to say that Wednesday night was her craft night and if anybody would like to join her, to feel free to come. She has a regular gathering every Wednesday night. In this way Jane is demonstrating her sacrificial love and out of this and through appropriate conversations, whe is also demonstrating that she has the spiritual welfare of those in her street at heart.

Tom in London has two parties a year, inviting the neighbours who are close to his house. Recently, as he lives in a cul de sac, he and another neighbour organized a summer bbq for the whole cul de sac, most people came.

Peter in Stevenage runs the Neighbourhood Watch for his street and seeks to make sure that the homes on his street are as safe as possible. In this way he demonstrates his unconditional love.

Judith in York seeks to identify who the frail, lonely and vulnerable are in her street and is a good neighbour to them. She has made an effort to know all these people and regularly drops in to check if they are alright.

These are just some of the ideas you could use.



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